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How to get your guests to RSVP?

Organization. Thoroughness. Patience. These are three words to keep in mind when it comes to managing the RSVPs for your big day. As not everyone is an event planner or has a Type A personality, we’ve put together some helpful hints for the successful collecting of your RSVPS.

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How to get your guests to RSVP

Step 1: Organization

First things first…create a spreadsheet of your guest list! This will be your main point of reference for keeping tabs on who’s responded, who has not responded (yes, you will have to follow-up) or has responded but did not leave a name or a name you can’t read (and yes, this will happen.)

Your spreadsheet should contain the following information: Guest’s First & Last name, their mailing address (physical or electronic), Menu choice (if applicable), Number of invited guests, Number Attending, and their table number. As the RSVPs trickle in you will be able to keep tabs on each guest’s response in a neat orderly fashion. As an added bonus this will also be helpful at the end of the wedding when you need to keep track of your Thank You Cards as well!

For those couples who opt for an online RSVP, you can create a separate email account for the replies to be directed to or most wedding website will have an option for receiving RSVP’s as well. To direct your guests to an online RSVP, you may provide your guests with the website link or email on the bottom of your invitation or include a separate response card.

Step 2: Thoroughness

When preparing your RSVPs for your guests there are a few tricks that you may want to take into consideration.

Numbering your Response cards. This helpful tip will be a savior in the end, trust us! Write down a tiny number on the back of the RSVP cards and match the number to the recipient in your wedding guest list spreadsheet. Using this method will help you to track the responses that come in as you may have guests who forget to write their names or may have illegible writing; this will save you from major headaches! We suggest using a yellow paint pen or Invisible ink pen on the card so that guests will not see the number.

Provide a your guest with a ready addressed and stamped envelope (be sure to check in with the post office for proper postage) for their response cards so that you encourage your guests to respond and make it easier to drop it in the mail!

Step 3: Patience

For those guests who have not responded you may need to have someone follow up with them via phone to make sure they will or will not be attending.

Be sure to give enough time for your guests to respond by as well as enough time for you to reach out to those who have not yet responded. We suggest an RSVP date that is at least a month out from the wedding date so that you have some wiggle room to contact guests who have not responded.

How to get your wedding guests to RSVP

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