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Easy way to collect guest mailing addresses

With today’s technology of emails and social media, address books are a thing of the past. Whether you’re having a wedding, birthday party or sending out baby announcements we can all agree that finding the most current mailing address of your friends and family can difficult.

Something my mom taught me to do, especially during the Holiday Season, was to save any cards sent to you in the mail. As you are likely to receive Holiday Cards from friends and family this season, be sure to take note of the address or even save the envelope with the return address on it. This way your friends and families current residence is always up to date in your contacts. For those who are more Tech Savvy, a quick and easy organizational tool we discovered here in the office is an online tool Inkinvite. We tested out the site to show you just what a lifesaver it is. Follow the steps below and make collecting addresses for that guest list of 200 a piece of cake!

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Easy Way to Collect Guest Mailing Addresses

collecting guest address

To get started, visit inkinvite to create your own FREE account by clicking the “sign up” button. Once you’re account is set up, see how easy it is in just 4 steps. You’ll have a quick and easy way to collecting guest address for your big day to help keep you organized in no time.

Step 1:

collecting guest address

Copy the provided link and paste it in an email adding a personal message to ensure a response:

“Hello Family & Friends,

As John and I prepare for our special day this June, please help us by update your contact information via our online address book: We look forward to celebrating with you!

xoxo, Amanda"

Step 2:

collecting guest address

When your contact receives your email and clicks on the personalized link, it will bring them to Inkinvite where they will fill out their contact information. They can include their name, mailing address, phone number, email and even their Partners name so you can address to both.

Step 3:

collecting guest address

Once a contact submits their information, all of your contacts information will be stored neatly in the address book of your account.

Step 4:

collecting guest address

After you have received all of your guests’ addresses, you can either export the information to Excel for you to organize with or as a Text file for you to print labels or send off to a calligrapher. As always, we recommend that you TRIPLE check the addresses and spellings of each guest prior to sending to your calligrapher.

collecting guest address

Calligraphy by Molly Jacques

Save yourself some time (and stress) and get started today, using inkinvite is fabulous and if you need more inspiration, visit our blog for creative ways to address wedding invitations as well. Happy Addressing!

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