Reception Card Wording

Add an enclosure reception card to give your guests more information. If you’re stuck on what to say in your enclosure reception cards we have provided wording below. When writing your reception card, be sure to tell when and where the reception is being held. Adding a reception card to your wedding invitation will provide as helpful information for your guests. 

Once you have come up with what you’re going to say, shop our collection of enclosure reception cards. The text on our enclosure cards can be fully personalized.

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Reception Card Wording Samples

Reception Card - Wording 1

Reception Card - Wording 2

The celebration continues
reception immediately following the ceremony

The Tree Top Hotel
543 Westgrove Way.

For more details, please visit

We request the pleasure of
your company for dinner and dancing
immediately following the ceremony

Palm Beach Country Club
2342 Winston Ave
Tampa, FL

Reception Card - Wording 3


Reception Card - Wording 4

Please join us for Cocktails,
dinner and dancing in
honor of the new
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Jones

At six o’clock in the evening

Bear River Country Club
10051 Bear River Drive


Come celebrate with us,
dinner and dancing immediately
following the ceremony

The Channel Point at Cliff walk
in Newport, Rhode Island
2345 Cliff Walk Rd

Please park in the parking structure
across from the building


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