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Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas, but not sure what wording to use to spread the exciting news? There are many creative ways to express your joy and happiness. Below, we have provided some examples of wording to use for your Baby’s First Christmas Holiday Card.

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Holiday Card Wording Samples

Baby’s First Christmas Card Wording 1

Season’s Greetings! It is with much joy and pride
that we introduce to you Sadie Reed

The Reed Family

Matt, Jenny & big sister Brittany

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 2

This Holiday season, it is our joy to share with you
the most precious of present around our Christmas tree!

Brad, Patricia & Rikki Parks

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 3

Christmas is here and so am I,
the perfect gift in mommy and daddy’s eye

Steve, Carol & Ashley Richards

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 4

Sometimes the most perfect gift comes without bows.

Andrea, Mike & Elizabeth Yarnell

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 5

The seasons just got a little brighter, as we
welcome our bundle of joy this Christmas!

Elaine, Steve & Olivia Nicholson

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 6

It’s Ryder’s First Christmas!

Peace, love, joy, and kisses from
The Patterson family

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 7

Celebrate the season with good tidings and cheer.
As we toast to our new born baby and exciting new year!

Jordan, Angelia, & Casey McGuire

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 8

Celebrating Aiden’s First Christmas!

Josh & Lucy Ward

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 9

A Christmas gift
As we welcome Lilly
Wishing you blessings in
abundance this holiday season.

Nikki, David, & Malory Kraft

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 10

Our gift arrived early this year, Hayden Cavanaugh!
May you appreciate the little things this holiday season.

Lindsey & Brad Cavanaugh

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 11

Our New Baby brings Christmas joy,
New Year warmth & happiness to our hearts!

Paige, Tyler & Derek Easton

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 12

Santa brought us double the presents this year.

Cathy, Luke, Cassidy & Shelby Stanton

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 13

Good things come in small packages!
Happy Holidays!

Jennifer, Austin & Emma Bayer

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 14

To all our Family & Friends,
we share our newest gift and
wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Janet, Elliot & Greyson Maynard

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 15

What a precious bundle of joy you are,
cute from head to toe.
You’re a special gift this Christmas,
sent from heaven above.
A perfect angel for all of us to love.

Arianna’s Merry 1st Christmas!

Ethan & Emily Perez

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