Wording customization

You can customize any of our designs to say whatever you’d like by entering your unique wording in the WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS section. Our graphic designers can make small edits to the placement of design elements for free so that your wording fits well with the layout of your favorite design. When submitting a request please ensure that the wording be exactly how you want this to appear on your design starting from top to bottom.

Some examples of wording changes are: adding "Together with their parents" to the top of your invitations, including your website to your Save the Date, or offering 3 entree options with boxes to check on your RSVP.

Colors customization

Each wedding has it’s own color palette that can be reflected in your wedding stationery. When choosing Love vs Design, you have the option to add your own personal touch by changing the color of each design for no additional fee. We want to work with you to match your ideal colors. To receive our printed color chart and select your custom color, simply order any sample and the color chart will be included. If you have any color palettes or images that inspire you, please email it to customerservice@lovevsdesign.com and specify your request as detailed as possible in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUEST' section.

Design changes

We want the design of your wedding stationery to fit you perfectly. Small edits to the placement of design elements and typography are free. However, some alterations can drastically change the layout of a design, and require a greater deal of work for our design team to properly place them. These types of changes can still be made, but require an added fee.

Other Potential Alterations Are:

  • Changing the font in your design is possible for a $20 design fee. Our available fonts can be found here.
  • Color correcting of your photo is free. For basic retouching there is a $25 design fee.
  • Adding simple text (up to 30 words) to the back of the card = $25 + back printing fee
  • Adding more than 30 words to the back of the card = $50 + back printing fee
  • Adjusting the size of your design is also possible for a $20 design fee. Due to standard printing sizes, there are some limitations. Please contact us with what you have in mind.

Have any customization questions, please take a look at our Customization Frequent Asked Questions: