I would describe my design style as Clean. Innovative. Modern. A strong emphasis on the artwork of hand lettering.

Some of the artists that I truly admire might come as a shock, because a lot of them are very different than myself. A few of my favorites: James Jean (Amazing drawing/painting skills. A beautiful eye for design), Joe Sorren (I'm obsessed with his color choices and graphic painterly style), Cody Erickson (Also my husband, his color choice is to die for, not to mention the drool-worthy technical skills) and Penelope Dullaghan (LOVE HER STYLE. Great texture, always. Whimsical hand lettering and design portfolio as well!).

Blogs I enjoy are: Design Love Fest (oh course. Who isn't secretly in love with Bri?), Design*Sponge, and Oh So Beautiful Paper (Nole is such a great person and has a good eye for unique paper and stationery products.)

For my LVD designs, I really wanted to branch out from what I normally do with these designs. I usually stick to an extremely neutral color palette when I'm designing so this gave me the opportunity to use fun textures and bright color. There's not really an easy part of the design process. With everything that I do, it took a lot of practice and patience to master each skill set. That said, the hardest part is coming up with new, creative ideas.

I am proud of a design that I created for Sugar Paper featured in Martha Stewart weddings (Spring 2012). It was my first publication, so I was pretty excited about that! Moreover, I'm also proud to have worked collaboratively with some amazing designers and clients! They are what keep my little business rolling, ya know?

To see more of Molly’s beautiful work, check out her website.