I'm an East coast gal with Vermont roots now living in France. I would say my style is a fusion of ethnic & modern with an organic twist. Most of my work is inspired by our natural environment, but I'm also inspired by architecture, fashion, vintage & travel...pinterest too of course. Right now I'm really drawn to the prints & embellishments by Isabel Marant.

My inspirations for the "featured artist program" invites were drawn from elements of past surface pattern designs I have created. For the brooklyn loft invite I knew I really wanted to hand paint one & I love working with watercolor so it just evolved from there. I would say the most difficult aspect of the design process for me is getting started. I usually have a general direction but my designs & art usually evolve pretty organically & I try not to put limitations on what I'm doing- just kind of going with what feels right.

To see more of Molly’s work, check out her website cargocollective.com/mollyveltegraham and her design blog, Root