There are too many artists I admire. Among them are Mary Blair, John Singer Sargent, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Saul Bass, Bob Dylan, William Eggleston, Hayao Miyazaki, Maynard Dixon, Eyvind Earle, Edward Steichen, John Lasseter, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Nadav Kander, Miroslav Sasek, Charley Harper, Paul Rand, Walt Disney, Edward Burtynsky, Bill Cone, Zhao Ming Wu, Tim Hawkinson, Stefan Sagmeister, J.D. Salinger, Johannes Itten, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Taryn Simon.

I’m influenced by creative thinkers, non-creative thinkers, relationships, conversations, nature, landscape painting & flipping through a good art book. My favorite websites are Amazon and Google.

I started my LIGHT AS FEATHER design by creating the illustration of the feather. I loved the feather's simple elegance and then I built everything around that. For me the easiest part of the design process is coming up with ideas. The hardest part is deciding which ideas are the best for your design.

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