Originally from Chicago, IL, I am an art-venturer and color enthusiast who works as a designer and illustrator. I'm currently designing with Plus63, a kick-ass studio in Manila.

I live on an archipelago and I really love the sea, which is why I was excited to make a nautical invitation (Nautical Love). I also enjoy working with origami themes, which led to the Handcrafted design. Both designs are a little unusual but I think quirky couples will enjoy mailing them to their friends.

I'm a pretty young fresh grad but I like to think that I'm starting my career with a knockout punch. I haven't taken any design classes (I studied AB Communication and BS Management) but I graduated with my university's art award for graphic design. My work has been shared on i09.com and Vulture.com and I've been featured in Graphika Manila twice. I've also been lucky to work with exciting clients. I've got my fingers crossed for the future because I want to be a renowned illustrator. Stay tuned!

To see more of Kitkat’s work, check out her website kitkatpecson.com