I am a Graphic + Web Designer who currently resides in Philadelphia. Artists who heavily influence me are classic Impressionists, Monet, Degas, and Renoir. Other than classic art, my inspirations come from spending a lot of time outside and finding the small details in life and nature that are often overlooked. I'm constantly snapping photos with my phone and bringing them back with me to mull over and draw ideas from. Philadelphia is a great combination of the natural and the urban, mixed into one city; as an artist i'm blessed to have that experience in my backyard.

My design style varies, based on what I'm inspired by. But most of the time, it's simple, yet whimsical. The easiest part of my design process is dreaming something up! I feel like I can create pages and pages of ideas. Visualizing them and picturing how to execute them is a lot of fun and I can spend hours on end doing this. The hard part is picking an idea, and sticking with it. I tend to get distracted by my other ideas and then have to bring myself back into the original chosen idea.

For my LVD design, I wanted to create something really serene and reminiscent of a night sky. I absolutely love the different colors that the sky can create all on its own at different times of day. There's something about an infinite sky that represents marital love to me.

I am proud that my blog was awarded a CSS award this year! It was a shock and surprise that was a very pleasant way to wake up on a Monday morning.

To see more of Joy’s work, check out her website joylaforme.com