I'm influenced by anyone who I come across that can make magic, people who make really amazing work look effortless and beautiful (designers, musicians, filmers, artists, surfers, lovers, bakers...). Anything that strikes my eye, a vintage chair, a bold color, and lately anything neon!

It's hard to narrow down the list of artists I admire, but the work from the following artists, I'd say, are the ones that make my heart pitter patter: Paul Gauguin, Lisa Yuskavage, Chuck Close, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Alfred Stiegletz, Henri Cartier Bresson & Banksy. In terms of designers, Dieter Rams, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, & Tom Ford.

Some of my favorite websites and blogs when I'm cruising the web are thesartorialist.com, garancedore.fr/en, refinery29.com, bleachblack.com, fashiontoast.com, hedislimane.com, natalieoffduty, volcommunity.com, and designspiration.net.

For my FLORA wedding designs I was loosely inspired by a multicolor floral print on my favorite travel bag. I've rocked that thing across many seas and square states so, to me it evoked thoughts & memories of taking off on new adventures. Art and Design are really different I think. Design needs to be very focused and specific, while Art is only as limited as one's imagination. So I'd say with Design, it's easiest to get carried away with many different ideas and do too much. The most difficult part is editing and finding balance.

I didn't have a very traditional career path to become a designer (she is a Senior Designer at Volcom and work on the Girl's Collection), so the fact that I'm here doing what I love is really rewarding. I always thought I was going to be a doctor, but my heart was always into art and design, so I took a risk and left behind all my pre-med studies in pursuit of a more creative cause.