There are so many artists that have, and continue to influence me. It can be said that I am inspired by almost anything on any given day. I think as an artist/designer you tend to have an acute visual sense and you notice things that others take for granted. These things then get compartmentalized in your brain, and are later retrieved (whether consciously or not), and become the fragment from which an idea develops.

Some of my favourite designers/artists include Lisa Congdon, Marian Bantjes, Rifle and Co., Sanna Annukka, Eva Juliet, Design Army, Mucca, Clean, and Anagrama (amongst many, many others).

The hardest part of the design process for me is the beginning; settling on an idea or a concept is the most important part for me, and if I'm not thrilled about the idea, then the design usually collapses. I can spend hours, sometimes days, just developing a concept alone. Once that moment has passed, the rest of the process seems effortless.

I tend to use unusual colour schemes, a bit of pattern and clean typography in my designs, but it really depends on what I'm trying to convey. For these LVD designs, my inspiration came from one of my trips to Quebec city. I came across these tiny flowers that grew everywhere, so I collected a few, and pressed them when I returned home. They were so beautiful and bountiful that I couldn't help but imagine their presence at a wedding.