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Printing / paper / envelopes

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Can we receive our envelopes earlier to start writing the addresses?

It is possible to receive your envelopes earlier for an additional shipping fee. The shipping fee is $12 to destinations in the US. Due to the high shipping cost for international orders, we currently don’t offer this option for our international customers.

Can you print the invitations that my friend designed for me?

Sadly no. While we appreciate the personal nature of using a friend’s design, due to logistical and technological compatibility, we prefer to stick to our own designs.

Do you offer address labels?

Currently we don't offer address labels yet, however we do offer return address envelope printing. To learn more, please visit our envelopes and sizes page.

Do you offer colored envelopes?

Currently we only offer envelopes in white and cream. If you are looking for colored envelopes, we recommend visiting a local paper store or to find a paper store online.

Do you offer envelope addressing options?

Handwriting your return address on your envelopes can be a time-consuming task, particularly while planning a wedding. That’s why we offer return address designs that can be printed on the back flap of your envelope, each one created to match your design’s style and color. Addresses on RSVP envelopes will be printed on the front.

We currently don't offer recipient address printing on envelopes. If you're interested in Calligraphy, we recommend you contact Molly Jacques, her calligraphy is beautiful.

Do you offer outer envelopes?

Not as of yet, but we're working on it!

Do you print recipient addresses on envelopes?

We do not currently offer to print recipient addresses, however we do offer return addresses.

How much does return address envelope printing cost?

It depends on the quantity you’re looking for. With every printed order of standard size Invitations, Save the Dates, Response Cards, and Folded Thank You Cards, you’ll receive the exact amount of white or cream envelopes you order (no extra printed and no blank envelopes). You can find out the printing cost on each product page by selecting your quantity in the ‘Printing Return Address on Envelope’ section.

What do the paper color options white and cream refer to? If the invitation color is navy for example and not white or cream.

Our white or cream color option refers to is the color of the paper stock our designs are printed on. The background colors you see on the front of many of our designs are actually printed directly onto the white or cream stock as part of the overall design. You can change the background color of your design which will then be printed directly onto our paper stock.

Any text that is white on your design will show up white on white paper stock and it will show up cream on cream paper stock. Although, if you choose cream paper stock, please note that the colors of your stationery will print a bit warmer or creamier.

Please also note that the backside of your invitation will be left blank so it will remain the color of the paper stock (white or cream). If you’d like to have a color or pattern printed on the back of your invitation, we offer the option to print a backing on your design. You can see our backing options here.

What is back flap printing?

This means we offer the option to print your return address on your envelopes, instead of you having to handwrite them. Our return addresses are designed to match your wedding stationery and is a great time saver as well as a nice design touch for your wedding stationery set. Please note we currently do not offer recipient address printing.

What is the difference between the 110lb and 220lb stock?

We are proud to offer paper stock that is ‘best-in-class quality. Our stationery is printed on 110lb or 220lb smooth matte paper and is available in your choice of white or cream. The difference between our two stock options is: the 220lb our ultra thick stock is heavier and sturdier than the premium110lb stock which is lighter as well.

If you’d like to get a clearer picture of our paper stock and printing quality, ordering a sample is a great way to see our invitation in person.

What printers do you use for your digital printing orders?

All of the Love vs Design stationery is printed with the highest quality digital printing presses available. Our advanced technology printers use liquid ink instead of toner ink, giving your print quality the same premium look and feel as offset or flat printing without the added cost.

If you’d like to get a clearer picture of our paper stock and printing quality, ordering a sample is a great way to see our invitations in person.

Which envelopes do you offer?

Now that you have your wedding stationery designed, you’ll need something to mail it in! With every printed order of standard size Invitations, Save the Dates, Response Cards, and Folded Thank You Cards, you’ll receive free white or cream envelopes. We’ll even send you 10 extra blank envelopes, just in case of addressing mistakes. Our envelopes are 80#.

If you order printed envelopes (your return address printed on the envelopes), we recommend ordering extras in case of recipient addressing mistakes. Please note that we do not include any extra envelopes (printed or blanks) if you order printed envelopes.