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Customization - wording

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Can I change the wording on a design?

We know that it is important that the wording of your stationery fits you and your wedding. You can customize any of our designs to say whatever you’d like by entering your unique wording in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section. Our graphic designers can also make small edits to the placement of design elements for free so that your wording fits well with the layout of your favorite design.

To enter your unique message and any special requests, please use the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section. When submitting a request please ensure that the wording be exactly how you want this to appear on your design starting from top to bottom.

Can I use the copy from one design for a different design?

Of course, our designs are specifically made to be portable. You’re free to mix and match wording from our examples as much as you like, just be sure to include whatever wording you decide on in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section.

Can I add different menu options to the Response Card?

Absolutely! You may customize any of our designs wording to say what you prefer by entering your unique wording in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section.

Can I change your design into a Birth Announcement, Birthday Party Invitation or Holiday Card?

Sure! We love to see our customers find creative uses for our designs, and we allow our customers to use any design for any occasion. Just be sure to include your new wording on the order form, and we’ll customize your design for you.

Is there space for us to write or type our guests names on the invitations?

We have noticed that some of our international customers have requested to leave some blank space on their wedding invitations so that they can hand write their guest names, this is something we can do. Just let us know in the 'WORDING AND SPECIAL REQUESTS' section on the order page. For us it is not possible to print individually personalized cards or envelopes.