Hi everyone, Jennifer and Floris here. We haven’t posted much about our own wedding on this blog, so we thought it might be fun to tell you a bit more about our wedding story!

Jennifer and I (Floris) got married on May 17th, 2009 at Marvimon in Los Angeles. I can’t believe it has been more than 3 years already!! We planned our wedding pretty far in advance since we had friends and family fly in from Holland, Guam, Canada and across the US.

At the time of our wedding, Jen was working at Smashbox Cosmetics and I at Volcom. Through our jobs we were able to put together some creative product trades with our wedding vendors (bar tenders, catering, DJ, filmers, etc). This really helped us reduce the overall wedding costs.

One of our dear friends Karen Kostrinsky became a licensed officiant and the three of us wrote our ceremony together. Both of us had prepared some vows so while Jen promised to cook me many nice meals. I promised to take Jen on several trips around the world. The entire ceremony from beginning to end only took about 10 minutes and after the ceremony the party officially started!

We wanted our wedding to be a great time for everyone so we intentionally kept it very informal. We bought a Ping Pong Table on Craigslist, painted it bright yellow and we had a Beer Pong tournament going on all night long!

Building our own photo booth with light boxes, external flashes and a remote control resulted in 500+ hilarious photos as the night progressed. For a backdrop during the party, a few weeks before our wedding, we filmed some clips on our Super 8 cameras around Long Beach. We looped the video on a big screen throughout the evening, while our friend DJ Wade was spinning records late into the night.

Looking back at our wedding it was an amazing day. Yes, we definitely had some things that didn’t go as planned (the music cut out for a few minutes while the groomsmen/bridesmaids walked up, several place cards were mixed around and one of our friends fell through a glass table in the hotel lobby to name a few…), but at the end of the day you roll with the punches and have to laugh about it. We figured as long as there is a lot of food and drinks, all our guests would enjoy themselves!

In the next few months we will be posting more short wedding stories from our customers and readers. If you'd like to share your story, please email us 6-10 photos and let us know what are some of the highlights of your day, what you would have done differently and any advice you would give to couples who are planning their own upcoming wedding?

Thanks for reading our wedding story and we can’t wait to hear yours!

Jennifer and Floris

All photos by Daniel Kiyoi

pretty yellow wedding flowers
floris gierman and jennifer gierman


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