Planning a wedding can be a fun and overwhelming task. There are many things to plan: finding your wedding venue, thinking about what food and drinks to serve, collecting guest mailing addresses, sending out your wedding invitations and of course having a bridal shower and/or a bachelorette / bachelor party!

That’s why its great to get some helping hands leading up to your big day. Most family members and friends are very happy to help out and even give you wedding presents. Don’t ever take their help and presents for granted! Sending a personalized handwritten thank you card during your wedding planning process or after your wedding is over, will go a long way to show that you truly appreciate the help, and / or wedding presents you’ve received.

writing your wedding thank you cards

3 things to keep in mind when writing your wedding Thank You Cards:

Call out specifically what you are thankful for!
Whatever your family and friends helped you with, call it out! Whether its help with finding a photographer, organizing your bachelor party or stuffing all the invitation envelopes, your family and friends will appreciate the personal message. Its the same thing for thanking your wedding guests for a present they gave you. Thank them specifically for the present and maybe add a little sentence about how you plan to use their present. We recommend writing down which presents you received from your guests, this will make it easier to write the personalized thank you note later on. 

Write from your heart!
It might sound easy and maybe cheesy, but writing a genuine thank you note takes some time and effort. You don’t want to come off like a robot, copy / pasting the same words on every card. Put some real thought in each card, the receiver will appreciate this!

It doesn’t have to be so serious, add some humor!
Planning a wedding is fun and I’m sure you’re experiencing several ‘unexpected’ situations, so why not write your Thank You Card wording in a funny yet thoughtful way! Did something go right or wrong during your wedding planning, laugh about it and briefly mention it in your Thank You Card to the people involved.

  • “I’m so glad all of us walked down the aisle without falling on our faces like we thought would happen!”
  • ‘Who knew wedding cake from the ground would taste so good?” 
  • “We’re glad uncle Harry enjoyed the open bar as much as we did!”
  • “Thanks so much for the new grilling pan, can’t wait for you guys to come over for dinner, I promise not to burn your meal with these new pans!”
Writing your Wedding Thank You Cards

Whether you end up using a Thank you note cards, or a Thank You Postcard, a design with or without your wedding photo, we're sure your wedding guests will be happy to receive your thank you note in the mail.


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