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Congratulations, you’ve completed designing your wedding invitations! Now it’s time to get to work at assembling and addressing envelopes. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time as the invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. With all the details you may need to provide your guests, there may be a few inserts that you have included in the set. To ensure that you present your invitations to family and friends properly, we’ve outlined the traditional rule of thumb to help you in assembling your wedding invitations.

wedding invitation set with accommodation and response card

1. The wedding invitation should be placed at the bottom, facing right side up when pulled out of the envelope.

2. On top of the invitation should be your wedding invitation components, also facing right side up, and placed from largest to smallest. These cards can be placed on top of the Invitation as follows:

  • Reception/Details Enclosure Card
  • Accommodations Enclosure Card
  • Maps/Directions Enclosure Card
  • Response Card: place the response card underneath the flap of the return envelope. Note that the envelope should already have a stamped and be pre-addressed with the mailing address of whomever will be receiving these cards.

3. Once all pieces are gathered, complete the look by wrapping a belly band around your stationery. Our belly bands can be easily secured with the use of double-sided tape.

4. Lastly, insert your wedding stationery into the envelope, facing you right side up so this is the first thing your guests see when opening the envelope.

inserting wedding stationery in envelope

Additional helpful tips:

  • Before purchasing postage, prepare one completed invitation and bring to your local postage to ensure the correct postage for the envelope.
  • Mark your response cards with a number and match the number to your guest list. This will help keep you organized when you receive the cards, as some guests forget to put their names on the card. Review our blog on How to get your guests to RSVP for helpful tips on how to organize your guest response cards.
  • The envelopes should be hand addressed, printed or written in calligraphy. These are to be addressed using proper titles, nicknames and abbreviations are not recommended. Visit our blog on how to address your wedding invitations for more.


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