My design style has never stuck consistently to one style but at the core of most my work is usually simplicity, with a focus on typography. Artists who I admire are constantly changing as my tastes change and evolve. I read various creative materials both on the web and hard copies. For instant inspiration, I find great for the variety of work. Otherwise I like making furniture, renovating my house and travel to get inspired.

The most difficult part of design for me is coming up with a good idea. Some times its easy and other times it causes a lot of stress and sleepless nights. For my LVD designs inspirations: Dotted Love is a classic, beautiful piece of typography. Something that is simple and elegant but had a personality. Soda Pop: I wanted to find an idea that encapsulated the idea of being in Love - Sharing, Effervescence, and Fun.

An accomplishment I am proud of is leaving little old Perth and traveling the world, meeting and working with inspiring people. I am also proud that I was able to start my own business - it hasn't been easy but I love what I do.

dotted line wedding invitations

Dotted Love Invitation Suite

Soda Pop Invitation SuiteSoda Pop Invitation Suite

To see more of Jarrod's creative vibes, check out his website.


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