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Wedding Invitations Wording Guide

Fun Wedding Invitations Wording

Happy Tuesday everyone!

New to our Blog we would like to introduce Wedding Tips Tuesday! Beginning today, we will be going over some helpful topics for all those in need of some advise on planning a wedding.

The Love vs. Design team would like to kick off this Tuesday with our Wording Guide to help you when you aren't quite sure what to include in your wedding stationery.

As your wedding experts this guide outlines everything from a time-frame of when to send your stationery to what each piece of stationery is needed to choosing the right wording for each piece. This is designed to help walk you through the process of ordering your wedding stationery!

If you find yourself with a case of writers block, feel free to contact us, after all we are here to help you! Most importantly, don't forget, this is your day so feel free to add personality to your stationery and have fun with it!