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Vintage and Art at Golden State Goods

Just stopped by Golden State Goods to say hi and to check out Ty Williams art. They did such a cute job with the re-opening of the store. You should stop by if you're still trying to find last minute Christmas gifts. They have vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and other artsy things.

deer hanging on wall as art piece
vintage at golden state goods
Ty Williams art

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

There was so much going on this past week with my birthday and with all the holiday festivities. It's been a bit crazy. Last night we were invited to a holiday party so after reading Eastside Food Bites I was inspired to make my own version of the chocolate candy cane cookie. Of course, soon after starting I realized once again that I am not a baker. Here's the outcome after burning 2 batches of cookies (I blame the stove!):

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies
Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

Don't forget your bling this holiday

If you happen to be looking for some holiday gift ideas, check out Kidviskous and Emily Hoy. Both ladies are creative and talented jewelry designers.

Emily Hoy jewelry

Emily Hoy jewelry
Emily Hoy

Bliss Magazine Article about Love vs Design

Thank you friends at Bliss Mag for our write up. We were so thrilled to see this yesterday!

Bliss Magazine Marshall
Bliss Magazine Willie Marshall

Holiday Gift Tags

Wow, can't believe it's December already. This year flew by! With Christmas right around the corner we designed some holiday gift tags for you. Take a look here. We bought some crafts from Michael's and dug out some of the leftover supplies from the wedding and wrapped presents! As you can see we went a little crazy but it was a lot of fun!

Holiday Gift Tags
Holiday Gift Tags
Holiday Gift Tags for presents
Holiday Gift Tags
Holiday Gift Tags

Check out our holiday gift cards!

Projects in the works!

So many exciting design projects in the works!

Miss Lilli Loves to Read

We had so much fun in Seattle and now we're back home. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Here's a photo of our cat Miss Lilli in her reading glasses. She missed us while we were gone.

cat with glasses

Thanksgiving in Seattle

Can't wait to be in Seattle for Thanksgiving! We're going to check out the Moxie Papergoods & Gifts store. We're also visiting the Pikes Place Market and then shooting some photos in downtown Seattle. So excited!

We're working on custom Christmas/New Year cards right now. A little late but we should have them ready for you in a week or so. Hang tight!

Here are some cute sayings by Laurageorge, Cheapdreamland/Chris Piascik, Neil Leonard, & Christopher David Ryan.

hug it out card
Moxie Papergoods

Art and Design Studio in Paris

Wouldn't it be nice to work in Paris? I found Ma + Chr while surfing the web and now I'm a fan! Ma + Chr is an art and design studio based in Paris, founded by Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize. They cover many areas, from web to print, interior design, textile... Check them out here.

Art and Design Studio in Paris
Art and Design Studio in Paris
Art and Design Studio in Paris

Handcrafted Jyumoku Bags

I love these Jyumoku bags. They are so awesome! Each bag is crafted from salvaged vintage goods which are then recycled. From this, re-purposed materials are given new life once again. Any fabric discoloration and wear are results from many years of use and natural aging. These details are then carefully re-purposed into every construction making each item upon itself unique, like in nature. Check out Jyumoku.

Jyumoku Bags
Jyumoku Bags
Jyumoku Bag