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Featured Artist Sander op den Dries

Sander op den Dries

There are a lot of designers who inspire me. In the last couple of months I'm really diggin fresh illustrations with an own style combined with Typography, like Hedof, Steven Harrington, Flying Fortress , 123 Klan and Stefan Marx. I'm really into the website Grain Edit, I like 95% of the inspiration blog.

Sander op den Dries

For the Heartchery design we wanted to create a soft and tender little world thats growing love all over it. A growing love flora and fauna. Like in a forest were plants and little birds and butterflies are busy creating a new life and working to set the right environment. A feeling of working together in the garden thats called Marriage were you need each other to let the plants of the future grow into a little forest together.

My business partner Camiel and I run a visual marketing company Studio Wonder. Last year we won the Deventer Aanmoedingsprijs 2011 – an award for artists and businesses who make a different in their city by working on many cultural and community projects.

You can read more about Sander’s work at

Featured Artist Mark van der Noord

Mark van der Noord

My creative areas of interest are illustration and design with a strong typographic influence. I try not to focus too much on one particular design style. Instead I try to experiment with different techniques and things that influence me and bring these into my designs. Influences such as personal experiences, political issues, interesting people and materials I come across. I’m trying to translate these experiences from my mind onto paper.

I’m inspired by many things. A few of my favorite websites and blogs are: FFFFOUND!,, Fecal Face, Convoy Tumblr, Haw-liny, But Does It Float and Andren Tumblr.

hand drawn wedding invitations
hand drawn wedding invitations

Find out more about Mark on his website

Featured Artist Leanne Dare

Leanne Dare

There are too many artists I admire. Among them are Mary Blair, John Singer Sargent, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Saul Bass, Bob Dylan, William Eggleston, Hayao Miyazaki, Maynard Dixon, Eyvind Earle, Edward Steichen, John Lasseter, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Nadav Kander, Miroslav Sasek, Charley Harper, Paul Rand, Walt Disney, Edward Burtynsky, Bill Cone, Zhao Ming Wu, Tim Hawkinson, Stefan Sagmeister, J.D. Salinger, Johannes Itten, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Taryn Simon.

I’m influenced by creative thinkers, non-creative thinkers, relationships, conversations, nature, landscape painting & flipping through a good art book. My favorite websites are Amazon and Google.

Wedding Invitations with feather

I started my LIGHT AS FEATHER design by creating the illustration of the feather. I loved the feather's simple elegance and then I built everything around that. For me the easiest part of the design process is coming up with ideas. The hardest part is deciding which ideas are the best for your design.

See more of Leanne’s work at

Featured Artist Grace Lee

Grace Lee Wedding Invitations

I'm influenced by anyone who I come across that can make magic, people who make really amazing work look effortless and beautiful (designers, musicians, filmers, artists, surfers, lovers, bakers...). Anything that strikes my eye, a vintage chair, a bold color, and lately anything neon!

It's hard to narrow down the list of artists I admire, but the work from the following artists, I'd say, are the ones that make my heart pitter patter: Paul Gauguin, Lisa Yuskavage, Chuck Close, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Alfred Stiegletz, Henri Cartier Bresson & Banksy. In terms of designers, Dieter Rams, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, & Tom Ford.

Some of my favorite websites and blogs when I'm cruising the web are,,,,,, natalieoffduty,, and

Flower wedding invites

For my FLORA wedding designs I was loosely inspired by a multicolor floral print on my favorite travel bag. I've rocked that thing across many seas and square states so, to me it evoked thoughts & memories of taking off on new adventures. Art and Design are really different I think. Design needs to be very focused and specific, while Art is only as limited as one's imagination. So I'd say with Design, it's easiest to get carried away with many different ideas and do too much. The most difficult part is editing and finding balance.

I didn't have a very traditional career path to become a designer (she is a Senior Designer at Volcom and work on the Girl's Collection), so the fact that I'm here doing what I love is really rewarding. I always thought I was going to be a doctor, but my heart was always into art and design, so I took a risk and left behind all my pre-med studies in pursuit of a more creative cause.

Featured Artist Freddy Medina

Freddy Medina design

I guess you can say my design style is somewhat aggressive/ bold in a way. Even when there is a strong contrast from my designs and art pieces, my work can still be identified as my style. I feel I achieve that in a raw/ urban sense of style. Trying to set myself apart in this industry will always give you a advantage with refining the design style.

Artists that have inspired my work are Andy Warhol, Evan Hecox, O.G. Abel, Marc Mckee, Banksy, Michael Leon and all street artist to name a few…all the Beautiful Losers.

vinyl wedding invitations

My initial inspiration for my Play Vinyl wedding design was music. I have a diverse taste that I am not even going to into but that brought me to think about the record/ record sleeve design for LVD. Music will remind you of the most important things in life. Love, special moments, people and can change your feeling with just a beat or lyric. The LVD artwork is like that album or track that can bring up those feeling of someone. C'mon who doesn't like music...

I don't know if there is a easy or difficult aspect of the design process in my opinion…from concept to completion of a design I encounter different situations that are easy or challenging. The thing is that they constantly cross paths. The concept can be easy when the actual work and be difficult…and vice versa.

Some accomplishments I’m proud of is not going crazy this far in my career. Working with the people that I want to from artist to photographers. Being able to share my artwork in public exhibitions and galleries. Of course, my beautiful daughter Desiree Medina.

Featured Artist Doug Manson

doug manson

The hardest part is actually starting the project hands on and then knowing when to say when. Having the confidence to look at a project and say its done.

Some of my favorite blogs are Jeff Soto, Brandi Milne, Mark Dean Veca, Jeremy Fish and Camille Rose Gracia to name just a few. I really love visual blogs, sites like,,

doug manson design

Sounds cheesy and cliche, but honestly - being able to make a living doing what I love. That is my number one accomplishment.

To stay semi up-to-date to what Doug is up to, check out He promises to plan on updating the site sometime soon.

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Printable Party Invitation
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Simple wedding invitations

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Keep it Simple wedding invitations
Simple wedding invitations

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