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Printable DIY Ticket Place Cards

Today we've added DIY Ticket Place Cards for your wedding or other special event. Available in 4 different colors, these free tickets will admit each guest to the right table.

Its easy to make these cards:
Step 1: Go to the Printable Templates page
Step 2: Click on the Printable Template you like
Step 3: Click on 'Download the free template here' link
Step 4: Print, cut and handwrite the cards

Printable DIY Ticket Place Cards
Printable Wedding Place Cards

Printable Pinata invitation Template

Invite your guest to a fun Fiesta with this Pinata invitation. You can download the template on our Printable Template page.

Pinata invitation Template

See you next week for our next Printable Template Tuesday!

Free Library Card Printables

Today’s Printable Template is an Owl Library Card. You can use these as a Note Card, as a Book Due Date Card or maybe even as a Place Card at your own wedding. These cards are available to download for free in four different colors.

Free Library Card Printables
Free Owl Card Printables

Next Tuesday we’ll be launching our next Printable Template so we'll see you again soon :)

Fun Party Invitation Printable

We’re thrilled to share with you today a fun party invitation for any special occasion. This DIY project is a creative way to invite your guests to attend your party. You can fill out your party name, date, time, location and RSVP info. Your guests will be delighted by your handwritten invite.

Its so easy to make these invites:
Step 1: Go to the Printable Templates page
Step 2: Click on the Printable Template you like
Step 3: Click on 'Download the free template here' link
Step 4: Print, cut and write the cards

Fun Party Invitation Printable

Check back next week for Printable Template Tuesday No. 3. Have a great rest of the week!

Will you be my card printables from Love vs Design

We're excited to launch our first Printable Template Tuesday! Today we've added 2 free 'Will you be my Bridesmaid' and 'Will you be my Maid of Honor' cards. Light up the faces of your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor when they receive this cute handmade card with your message.

Its easy to make these cards and envelopes:
Step 1: Go to the Printable Templates page
Step 2: Click on the Printable Template you like
Step 3: Click on 'Download the free template here' link
Step 4: Print, cut, fold and glue the envelopes and cards

Will you be my maid of honor card
Will you be my bridesmaid card

Check back next week for Printable Template Tuesday No. 2. Have a great rest of the week!

Will you be my bridesmaid card

Hi Love vs. Design blog readers, sorry it has been a long time since we've updated our LVD blog. We promise to write more frequent updates moving forward. A lot of exciting things have been happening in and around the office in the last few weeks.

Martha Stewart and Daily Candy featured us on their websites and the responses from around the world have been amazing. Also, check out our recent features on Green Wedding Shoes, Rustic Wedding Chic and 100LayerCake.

New wedding Save the Dates, Invites, etc are coming up in the next few weeks created by our LVD design team. Our International LVD design team is expanding and we are working on our first Featured Artist Program to launch next month.

Last weekend we had a photo shoot for new free and affordable Printable templates and we’ve been working on an upcoming weekly web series to launch soon. Here is a sneak peak of our first free printable template which will be online next week.

Will you be my bridesmaid card

We’ve been in business for nearly 1 year now and we’d like to thank all our readers, followers, customers, vendors, business partners and fans for all the support, you guys have been amazing!
To the future!

Featured Artist Emily Hoy

Emily Hoy Artist

I really love the triangle and use it a lot. It's the most dynamic shape radiating so much energy. It's a great compliment to the organic mountainous shapes nature surrounds us with everyday, injecting that with color makes my eye's melt!

Emily Hoy designThe hardest part of design for me is editing! What not to use vs. what you want to use! Artist I love include Salvador Dali, Kurt Schwitters, Mother nature and Bjork.

I am proud of following my dreams and actually making them come true. Including moving to California to work for a skate company (
she's the Art director for Volcom girls), drumming in a band, making jewelry for a runway show, and running a half marathon.

To see more of Emily’s work, check out her website

Featured Artist Christine Pak

Christine Pak design

I admire any artist that makes me react, good or bad. I'm influenced by everything that surrounds me, my pups, friends, family, music, tv, movies, magazines, the internet.

Christine Pak artwork
Christine Pak wedding

I was inspired by the thought of all different walks of life that would possibly look through LVD for inspiration. I imagine the couple who prefer vintage, outdoors garden wedding, or the minimalist. It was initially overwhelming with having endless ideas and inspirations, so hopefully these are also inspiring. Being chosen to contribute to LVD makes me proud :-)

Christine Pak wedding invitations

The easiest part of the design process is the beginning - brainstorming, inspirations pulls, the blank white computer screen is my favorite part of the process. The most difficult part is the ending - knowing when to stop.

You can see more of Christine's designs on her website and you can follow her puppies here.

Featured Artist Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee Design

I'm inspired by New York City, Paris, Rand, Kalman, Tufte, Hoefler, Eggleston, Eames, Corbusier, Frankenthaler, and Whiteread.

cultural wedding invitations

My Language of Love wedding design was inspired by Minimalist, midcentury, urban and beyond.

I'm proud of working at MoMA during their new building campaign and seeing it come to fruition. Launching a new aesthetic style and look for K2's tech driven snowshoe brand Atlas.

Featured Artist Shannon Lamb

Featured Artist Shannon Lamb

Most of the artists I admire are designers. I have a pretty long laundry list of design-heros, but the designer I currently admire the most is probably Jessica Hische. She does really amazing work in every area of design from hand-done typography to web. I'm influenced by current design blogs. My usual morning routine involves waking up and clicking around on the internet to see what new design work has been posted. Some of my favorites are: Ffffound!, Grain Edit, Graphic Exchange and Type Everything.

My style varies from project to project, but I think one common thread is that I really like clean, well-set type. I also like to incorporate hand-done processes into my designs whenever I can. Whether it's just creating a texture to scan in and add to a logo or creating an image to be photographed for a layout, I like to design both on and off the computer.

The main influences for these designs were historical. I was looking at a lot of vintage packaging while creating these designs including old tins from the 1900's and air mail envelopes and stamps from the 40's and 50's.

I think the most difficult aspect is probably coming up with a strong concept for a design. I'm not sure what the easiest part would be, because I think it changes from project to project. On one design it might be hard to find the right typeface or choose the perfect colors, but on another design it might be a really simple decision.

I don't typically think too much about what I've done because I usually like to focus on what I'll do next. However, I'll be receiving my BFA degree in Graphic Design in December, so I guess that's pretty cool. I also just finished putting on a gallery show with a group of fellow designers that I think came together pretty well, so I'm pretty proud of that.

Shannon Lamb design
Shannon Lamb
Shannon Lamb wedding invitations
Shannon Lamb graphics

You can find out more about Shannon on her website.

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