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Featured Artist Freddy Medina

Freddy Medina design

I guess you can say my design style is somewhat aggressive/ bold in a way. Even when there is a strong contrast from my designs and art pieces, my work can still be identified as my style. I feel I achieve that in a raw/ urban sense of style. Trying to set myself apart in this industry will always give you a advantage with refining the design style.

Artists that have inspired my work are Andy Warhol, Evan Hecox, O.G. Abel, Marc Mckee, Banksy, Michael Leon and all street artist to name a few…all the Beautiful Losers.

vinyl wedding invitations

My initial inspiration for my Play Vinyl wedding design was music. I have a diverse taste that I am not even going to into but that brought me to think about the record/ record sleeve design for LVD. Music will remind you of the most important things in life. Love, special moments, people and can change your feeling with just a beat or lyric. The LVD artwork is like that album or track that can bring up those feeling of someone. C'mon who doesn't like music...

I don't know if there is a easy or difficult aspect of the design process in my opinion…from concept to completion of a design I encounter different situations that are easy or challenging. The thing is that they constantly cross paths. The concept can be easy when the actual work and be difficult…and vice versa.

Some accomplishments I’m proud of is not going crazy this far in my career. Working with the people that I want to from artist to photographers. Being able to share my artwork in public exhibitions and galleries. Of course, my beautiful daughter Desiree Medina.