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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Wedding Invitation Mistakes


Your wedding stationery is a big part of the to-do list for planning your big day. The invitation suite leaves a big impression on your guests, so be sure to take the time to do it right. Don’t fall for these commonly made mistakes, and miss out on having the perfect wedding invitations you imagined. It’s just as important knowing how to avoid common invitation problems, as it is knowing how to handle them. Follow our advice below and you’ll be sure to overcome any invitation issue.

Mistake 1: Including too much information on the main invitation

Finding a balance between your design and the context of information is important. Crowding the invitation with too much information such as ceremony and reception details or having too much of a design may distract your guest from the important information. When selecting a design, pick one element from your wedding theme to feature (i.e. color scheme or pattern or monogram). Next, plan out what your key wedding information is and use only that on the invitation. Any reception details should be considered as a separate event and should be placed on a separate enclosure card. These simple steps will make for a perfect invitation that is both elegant and informative.

Mistake 2: Not proofreading your stationery

It would be unfortunate to receive your order only to find a spelling mistake after you've already approved or even after your guests have received the Invitation. Be sure to take your time to look for spelling and grammar errors. We advise that you review your proof multiple times before finalizing your order. Take a look at it in the morning and then again at night and be sure to read from left to right to ensure you are checking each word rather than a glance over the whole invitation. We also recommend having a second pair of eyes (maybe a third and fourth pair too!), especially someone who is grammar savvy, to look over the final product before approving it to be printed.

Mistake 3: Waiting too long to place an order

It’s easy to get distracted with other wedding day preparation; We recommend ordering wedding stationery 8 months before the wedding date to give you enough time to put them together and address the envelopes. Ordering invitations too late will delay the process of mailing them out to your guests, causing you unnecessary stress and possible rush fees. Keep yourself organized by following our wedding checklist to stay on track with all your Wedding planning.

Mistake 4: Not ordering enough invitations…or ordering too many

You should always order extra wedding invitations, for unexpected situations that come up. Being prepared with additional invitations will be helpful in case you need to resend an invitation, if you plan to add more guests to the list or even to save some as keepsakes. We suggest ordering an additional 25 invitations with your order. This will save you time and money from having to reorder more invitations down the road.

While a few additional invitations are good to have, you also don't want to have an overload of extras. Keep in mind that not every person needs to receive an invitation. If you have a guest list of 200, you will not need 200 invitations. For example, a couple or family with children under 18 years old, would only need to receive one invitation.

Mistake 5: Using address labels

A Wedding Invitation sets the tone for the wedding day from the moment your guests receive it. The use of address labels on your wedding invitations, may seem like the easy option, however this can leave a bad impression for your beautiful invitations. Make the choice to hand write or hire a calligrapher to address your envelopes. This will make your invite more personal and show the recipient that you've taken the time to invite each of them. Believe us, small personal touches like this will be received in a positive way.

Mistake 6: Running out of envelopes

Mistakes can easily be made on envelopes, such as pen smudges, accidentally misspelling a name or using an incorrect address. It’s easy to grab the next envelope in your stack to start over but before you know it you have run out of envelopes. Having additional envelopes will give you enough leeway in case a mistake does occur when addressing the envelopes and will help avoid any delays in sending out your invitations.

For those who chose to address their envelopes on their own, we include 10 additional envelopes with your order. However, for our customers who order Printed Envelopes, we recommend adding an additional 10 envelopes when placing your order.

Mistake 7: Mailing out invitations too late

Wedding invitations should be sent out 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding day; however, keep in mind you may want to send out invitations at least 12 weeks before the wedding to your out-of town guests so they can plan their travel arrangements. Sending out invitations too late, may not only hinder your guests from being able to attend but will delay you in receiving back response cards in time to get a final head count.

Mistake 8: Forgetting to include a RSVP date

The RSVP should be set about 4 weeks prior to the wedding date to provide you enough time to give your venue a headcount as well as tracking guests who haven't responded yet. Giving too little time to respond may not give them enough notice to reply and too much time could result in losing the response card or forgetting about it. Be sure to have your stationer print the RSVP date on the response cards ahead of time. However, if you do forget to include an RSVP date, most guests’ will usually respond automatically, but know it is acceptable to call and ask for a response if you have not heard back.

Mistake 9: Forgetting postage on a reply envelope

It's easy to get excited and want to rush sending out your invitations, but don’t forget about the little details that go into each component of the wedding invitation set. Forgetting stamps on the reply envelopes will result in fewer responses and take much longer for you to receive them.

Mistake 10: Incorrect postage

Nothing is more frustrating than sending out your beautiful invitations for them to get sent back with insufficient postage. We suggest assembling an invitation suite, with all of its components in the envelope and then take it to the post office to be weighed for the correct postage. This will save you the trouble in the long run. While at the post office, inquire about hand canceling, which allows the post office to handle postage by hand rather than run through the machine decreasing the chance of damaged envelopes.

Now that you know what to look out for and the mistakes to avoid, get started on finding the perfect wedding invitation for you. Learn more about what to include in your wedding invitation suite and what each stationery component consists of to create your dream invitations!

For many more tips take a look at our Stationery Etiquette Guides. Happy Planning!

Lakeside Wedding

Pauline and Rusty were married by Binnewater Lake at a private estate in Rosendale, NY. Their goal for their day was to "make the wedding weekend as much "ours" as possible and just have fun” our Bride explains, “…we tried to keep it not fussy, romantic and playful.” The couple and their guests even had a 5k race the morning of the big day. Read more highlights from their fun filled DIY Lakeside wedding below.


Pauline recalls the day being a major group effort to pull off with everyone pitching in to help. The major highlights of the day for her was seeing everything come together, "... all the details from hanging the lights in the tent and setting the tables to Rusty (the Groom) and friends building and decorating the chuppah the day of the wedding and especially when I saw my friends out skinny dipping in the lake later in the night! I truly have amazing friends and family!"


“Words of Wisdom” for couples currently planning their wedding?

If you don't have a huge staff of people helping out, delegate tasks to people! Everyone wants to help out to be a part of your day and want to make sure you are not stressed. Since our wedding was a DIY wedding, it was key to have someone taking care of "day of" tasks. Luckily, my friend Leah is an amazing event planner and was essential in helping to coordinate everything that day.


Bride & Groom chose the Modern Day Love Invitation Suite for their wedding stationery.

Wedding Venue: Binnewater Lake - Private Estate | Photography by Wendy Plogger

Wedding Inspiration: Wreath Invitation

Today's inspiration board comes from our Wreath Wedding Invitation design. We love the simple and universal design this invitation can create. For this board, we created a soft romantic theme which incorporates Vintage aspects as seen in the pews and tables to the Floral Crown the bride wears, this look is timeless.

Wreath Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Photo Credits
Row 1: Del Barr Moradi Photography via Style Me Pretty | Laura Goldenberger Photography via 100 Layer Cake | Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes | Row 2: Michael & Anna Costa via Style me Pretty | Wreath Wedding Invitation by Love vs Design | OneLove Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | Row 3: Patrick Moyer via Style Me Pretty | Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty | Mel Barlo and Co. via The Knot

Essential Wedding Stationery Wording Tips

Wording your wedding stationery does not have to be burdensome! At Love vs Design we want to get you excited for creating your wedding invitation suite and help you along the way. Follow our wording guidelines and you will have a fun and easy time with the process of personalizing your wedding stationery. Keep in mind that while there is a proper and formal etiquette for wedding invitations, sometimes it's OK to bend the rules a little, especially with some of our more unique and modern designs. Read on to find everything you will need to know about wording your wedding stationery. We've broken down each component of the invitation set as well, to guide you to learn what your invitation should consist of.

invitation wording example


Your wedding invitation is broken down into 6-7 lines: host line, request line, bride and groom, date and time, location, reception and attire (optional).

Host Line

The host line includes the names of those sending out and/or hosting the wedding. Traditionally the bride’s parents host the wedding; however, nowadays it’s common for the wedding to be hosted by the groom’s parents, both sets of parents, or even the bride and groom. When writing this line, be sure to use the hosts' full names. 

Request Line

There are two phrases that are most used: one indicates a religious ceremony and the other does not.
• At a place of worship: Request the honor of your presence
• Catholic Mass: Request the honor of your presence at the Nuptial Mass uniting…
• Other Venus: Request the honor of your company

Bride and Groom Line

The couple should be the stars of the invitation. Place the names on a separate line, linking them together with “to” or “and” respectively, and using full names: first, middle, and last. The bride's name should precede the groom's name. Traditionally, if the bride’s parents are included on the invitations and she shares the same last name then only her first and middle name are used. This same rule follows for the groom.

• The Bride’s parents are hosting
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown
Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter
Emily Mae to Kevin Noah Jones

Visit our Stationery Etiquette page for more examples on wedding invitation wording.

Date and Time Line

The date should both be written out in full and include the day of the week, date, month and year. When writing the year, this should be placed on a separate line with the option  to include the word “and” (i.e. Two thousand fourteen or Two thousand and fourteen)

• Saturday, the second of June
   Two thousand fourteen

The time should also be written in full and include "o'clock" after the written time. For a more formal approach use the phrase "in the morning", "in the afternoon", or "in the evening" instead of a.m. or p.m. Any time before 12 p.m. is considered morning, between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. is afternoon and any time after 6 p.m. is evening.
If your wedding begins on the half-hour include a hyphen in the time or for a more formal way use "half past" or "half after" then write the time. 

• four o’clock in the afternoon
• half past four in the afternoon
• four-thirty in the afternoon

Location Line

For the location line include the name of the venue, and address. The address should not use abbreviations, rather it should be written in full.
If the address number is smaller than 20, then it should be written out. Also, no punctuation is needed other than a comma between the city and state (which is spelled out). Lastly, zip codes should not be included on any part of the invitation set.

• St. → Street
• Blvd. → Boulevard
• Apt. → Apartment
• P.O. Box → Post Office Box
• Central Library
   700 Boylston Street
   Boston, Massachusetts

Reception Line

If your wedding ceremony and reception are being held in the same location, include a line at the bottom of your invitation informing your guests.
If the reception is going to be at different venue, this should be treated as a separate event with details provided on a reception card.
Wording examples of receptions being held in the same venue after the ceremony are:

• Reception to follow
• Dinner and dancing to follow
• Reception immediately following the ceremony

Attire Line (optional)

To advise your guests what should be worn to your ceremony, you can include the optional attire line. This line should be placed at the bottom right hand corner of your invitations. If your wedding is taking place on a lawn or at a beach, it is nice to inform your guests of the elements such as wearing appropriate shoes.
Some commonly used phrases are:

• Black Tie
• Cocktail Attire
• Casual Attire
• Semi-Formal Attire


Punctuation can be used within the line for dates, time and addresses; However, commas, periods, colons, etc. should not be placed at the end of lines.


Wording such as Names, States and streets should be spelled out in its entirety on invitations, response cards, enclosure cards and envelopes.
Exceptions to this rule are:

• St. or Sts. = Saint or Saints
• Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.
• Jr., and Sr. – separated from the last name by a comma

Response Cards

A response card will include the date to RSVP by as well as a line for your guests to write their names, and section to check if they can attend or not. For those hosting dinner, you may also need to place a section for Meal Requests/Dietary restrictions

• Happily accepts/ Sadly regrets
• Will be there/ Will be there in spirit
• Accepts with pleasure/ Declines with regrets

Tip: Be sure to have your response card envelope, pre-addressed and stamped for a quick reply.


Ensure that you match the wording of your enclosure cards, with the wording of you wedding invitations to keep all pieces consistent.
Enclosure cards will provide your guest with additional wedding day details, including, transportation, accommodations, directions, reception, other wedding events.


When addressing your guests envelopes use titles and full names. It is important to double check your guest list to make sure names are spelled correctly. Common examples of addressing envelopes:

• To a Married Couple:
   Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Samantha Howard

• To an Unmarried Couple Living Together :
   Mr. Patrick Howard
   Mrs. Samantha Williams

• To Those with Other Distinguished Titles:
   Judge Howard and Lieutenant Howard, U.S. Navy
   Dr. Patrick Howard and Mrs. Samantha Howard

• To Children and Families:
   Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Howard
   Jacob, Brad, Kylie
   (Note: If you do not include the child’s names you are implying that children are not invited.)

Be sure to stay consistent  throughout the invitations set, if dates and times are spelled out on invitations use the same format on your enclosures cards as well. For more examples, for ways to word your wedding stationery, please visit our stationery etiquette page for formal and nontraditional wording. You’ll be sure to find something that best fits your style and taste.

Event Planner Spotlight: Lauren Wells Events | New England

Lauren Wells Events

We are thrilled to introduce New England Based (and Beyond) event planner Lauren Wells, of Lauren Wells Events. We were lucky to meet Lauren a few years ago while we worked with her on her own wedding stationery. Lauren is not only a joy to work with but is full of energy and creative ideas. From photo shoots to event designs to weddings, any lucky person or couple who works with Lauren and her team will be in awe as they help bring your details to life.

Find out more from this wonderful event planner in our Q&A with her and enjoy getting to know a little more about Lauren Wells Events!

Rustic Wedding

How did you get your start in wedding planning?

While planning our own wedding in 2012, I fell in love with the entire process. Having 6 years of experience in client management/media planning in the ad agency world, much of my professional experience still proved useful, with the addition of an amazing creative outlet.

What types of locations or settings are very popular now?

In New England, there is definitely a trend towards the more rustic, barn and camp type venues, although the beach will never go out of style here. Boston has great potential for really neat, brick and beam industrial spaces, and I would love to see a push towards more of those!

bridal shower
table decor

What are your favorite color combos?

On a personal level, I am drawn to neutrals and soft grays. Clean, with lots of light. On an event level, I love playing with color, and really can't pick a favorite combo!

What are some wedding details you “insist” couples include or try to avoid in their wedding?

I insist on meaningful details - I try to understand which details will truly highlight the couple and bring smiles to each of their guests, and really mean something. In terms of details I try to avoid, that is a trick question! There can never be too much attention to detail.

Is there a wedding favor you’ve seen that’s been your favorite?

I am going to sound incredibly biased, but I would have to say the favors my husband created for his groomsmen. He handmade survival kits out of cedar, with a hatchet, matches and engraved lighter inside.

groomsmen favor

What is one detail you cherish at a wedding?

The moment the ceremony starts, the excitement is silent and palpable, and the bride begins to walk towards her groom - my heart literally melts, and I cry every time.

What is the most important thing you tell brides?

Relax, and have fun. Remember what it is all about: you and the love of your life, celebrating this incredible relationship you have built with one another. The second you lose sight of that, and begin to focus more on Pinterest than the person sitting beside you, you are in it for all the wrong reasons.

Up Anniversary

When someone is looking for a planner, what are some good questions to ask at the meeting?

I think it is important to ask personal questions, to see if you connect with the planner. You don't have to be best friends with whomever you hire, but you do want to like that person enough that you are excited to spend the biggest weekend of your life with them. I would definitely ask to see past client reviews, as well as past events. I would also ask for an understanding of the entire process, and how things generally work. More than anything, I would recommend you ask whatever questions you may have - that is what we are here for!

Your Top tips for brides and grooms planning their wedding?

Focus in on what is most important to you, in order, and prioritize those wants. Budgets are real, and they matter, so having a list of what means the most to you will make it easier to stick within that budget and still have the perfect day.

Lauren Wells Events Team

Photography by: Cambria Grace Photography | Our Labor of Love

Printable Easter Candy Bag

It's hard to believe, but Easter is just around the corner! This printable template will help you put together a great candy bag for friends and family. Whether you put them in Easter baskets, pass them out at an egg-hunt, or use them as Easter dinner decorations, this printable Candy Bag Top is a fun addition to any springtime celebration.

Printable Easter Candy Bag
Candy Bag Printable for Easter