About the Company

Love vs Design is an online stationery company based out of Los Angeles. We create non-traditional stationery like holiday cards, wall art, wedding invitations and birth announcements. We work with a team of talented designers, photographers and illustrators from around the world to create designs that we like, and that we think you’ll like too.

We have always been fascinated by design and enjoy doing things a little bit differently. We're inspired by so many things, whether it’s the colors we see on our daily excursions, food we eat or photos we shoot while traveling, everything has the potential to spark an idea for a new design.

Our customers are also our inspiration. We really care about our customers and not only design for them, but treat them how we’d like to be treated.

About Jen

As the creative director and founder of Love vs. Design, I obsess over type, colors, graphics and details. I discovered a passion for stationery after designing for my own wedding. When designing stationery, I found that the possibilities for innovation and artistic exploration were endless…I loved it! That’s why I started LVD - to do what I love.

Prior to LVD, I worked in the beauty and action sports industry. When I'm not behind my computer I enjoy exploring new things, eating a nice meal, changing sceneries, bugging my cats and surrounding myself with people I love. Although I consider myself to be a very laid back individual, I’m also very determined and passionate about anything I love, including LVD. My goal is to live a balanced life; to work hard, but also to be able to slow down and enjoy life every once in awhile.

About Floris

As the Operations Director and Co-Founder of Love vs. Design, I wear a lot of hats. On a day-to-day basis, I work with our customer service and design teams to make sure that you, our customers, have the best user experience possible.

Before LVD, I worked in the Action Sports in the skate/surf/snow industry. Although this might seem like the furthest thing from the wedding industry, I feel like my background has helped me to take a unique approach to the marketing and branding of Love vs Design.

When I’m not working on LVD projects, I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, traveling around the world, and visiting our family across the U.S., Holland, Korea, and Guam. I’m also an avid photographer; and find the ability to capture an individual’s story through the medium of photography fascinating. I love experiencing and documenting random situations. Some of my unforgettable memories have been handing out thousands pairs of jeans to the homeless in Skid Row, trying to control a Tony Hawk autograph signing in middle America with a gazillion fans in line, and chasing storms across Tornado alley. Through my travels I have been fortunate enough to photograph so many ‘strangers’. I enjoy catching a glimpse of what truly makes an individual unique.

We have really enjoyed building this company together and feel like that passion for our business shows in everything we do at LVD. Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions or want to say hi, please do, we’d love to hear from you!

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